We are reminded frequently in this long pandemic — much like we are reminded by the AIDS crisis, by the Tuskegee experiments, by the weaponization of smallpox against indigenous peoples in the Americas, and uncountable other instances in history — that to control disease is not…
2021: When the Smolder Became Known
People for Portland wants to get back to work. The crows know better.
I am trying, above all, not to be unfeeling. Joy may be the one I felt least of all, for a time. It feels more balanced now.
To be seen is to begin the long road toward metadata.
“Places and those who inhabit them are indeed fictions.” — Dionne Brand, A Map to the Door of No Return (Before I lose myself in Dionne Brand’s work …
Writing and rebuilding what a place means.
A life cycle requires so much death.
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