We are reminded frequently in this long pandemic — much like we are reminded by the AIDS crisis, by the Tuskegee experiments, by the weaponization of…
2021: When the Smolder Became Known
People for Portland wants to get back to work. The crows know better.
I am trying, above all, not to be unfeeling. Joy may be the one I felt least of all, for a time. It feels more balanced now.
To be seen is to begin the long road toward metadata.
“Places and those who inhabit them are indeed fictions.” — Dionne Brand, A Map to the Door of No Return (Before I lose myself in Dionne Brand’s work …
Writing and rebuilding what a place means.
A life cycle requires so much death.
All shapes of you in one place.
Just with, you know, words inside.
One person might get you published, but they can't get you read.
What do climate and gender have to do with one another?