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Aug 18, 2022Liked by Callum Angus

Don't know why I'm only just seeing this Aug 8 newsletter now, but thank you so much as always, Cal. I've been thinking a lot lately about faith and how it determines where and how we direct our efforts towards making (change, meaning, material things...). I don't have faith in a religion and I was raised to have no faith in political systems; I have a lot of faith in art and I have a lot of faith in education, even as I acknowledge the limitations and deep systemic problems with how people access, experience, and create both, so that's where I tend to direct the bulk of my efforts: in teaching and learning about/from art. (While also voting + joining and donating to activist movements, but honestly, I don't feel the same degree of faith that those efforts will make as much difference. I want to have that faith and I think it's important to act as though I do, but I lack the driving conviction I admire in the activists whose work I try hard to support.) Anyway -- without real faith none of our efforts can be sustained, and we make nothing. I love what you make.

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